Friday, January 1, 2010

How's this for a New Year's resolution... Go Vegan in 2010!

Good morning and welcome to 2010! Yes I realize that is is nearly noon and I am saying "good morning" but even vegans can suffer from excessive consumption and New Year's Eve seems like the perfect night to do just that..... until the morning after. Last night was a blast; there was great food, good champagne.... I was in such high spirits I even enjoyed losing two rounds of cards! However this morning I must pay the piper....I am a little sleepy and more than a little slow.

Mornings after aside, did you know that, in general, vegans are one of the more healthy segments of society? In general vegans have healthier BMI's, cholesterol levels and blood pressures. There are many books available by REAL doctors (as opposed to non-accredited internet bloggers such as myself) that show how a low fat vegan diet can prevent or even reverse various ailments such as heart disease or Type II diabetes. For more information about this check out books and websites by Dr. Fuhrman or Dr. Esselstyn.

Speaking from personal experience, I have always been fairly healthy. However, since becoming a vegan my BMI has dropped into a much healthier range (resulting in a gradual drop of 3 pants sizes!), my blood pressure is 90/60 and my cholesterol is equally great. My doctor has been very happy and I have experienced greater energy and health. I honestly can say I feel better than I ever have in the past, including when I was eating a low fat, healthy omnivorous diet.

However, I must stress that when I went vegan I made the decision by myself and was not forced into the decision by a spouse or some pushy website. I took the time to really think it through and be sure of what I was doing. Major dietary changes are an intensely personal decision and should not be made without thought. Don't fool yourself, becoming a vegan will effect those around you even if you never sit down to eat with them. By being a vegan you will cause people to question their own eating habits, which in turn will cause them to question yours. Becoming a vegan was a great and positive decision for me and actually was good for my family too, even though none of them have become vegans. It is my personal belief that it would be a great decision for most people, but only you can decide what is best for you.

If you are considering going vegan, it is not as simple as pushing the meat and dairy off your plate and eating what's left (Does rice, broccoli and a parsley garnish really sound good?). In fact, that is a definite way to not succeed as a vegan. Transitioning to a vegan diet requires some initial support and I have that for you. The Physician's Commitee for Responsible Medicine is right here to hold your hand with their 21-day Vegan kickstart Program.

On their website you can find a meal plan, nutritional support, tips from famous celebrities and even a forum for finding support with other people doing the same journey. If you have ever considered going vegan, go for it! Since this is the new year, there is no better time to make a commitment to a new and healthier you. Good luck on your journey!

(NOTE: I am not a doctor, this information is not designed to cure, diagnose or treat any disease. Please see your doctor before beginning any new medical plans or treatments)

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