Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lunch at Liquid Earth

Today I had a hair appointment in Canton. Because I am a little bit crazy I decided to walk (its about 3 miles one way and about 98 % today). It was a good walk and it afforded me a chance to take my fabulous new hair out to lunch at Liquid Earth in the neighboring Fells Point. If I had been in a car, I probably would have been to frustrated to bother after about one sweep for parking. (Just to clarify for non-Baltimorons: parking is always at a premium throughout the downtown areas, traffic is terrible and thanks to our mayor the roads are always under construction. As a result it is often better to walk.)

Now onto lunch...
Liquid Earth is a hip place with a laid back vibe. The all-vegetarian menu boasts a decent vegan section and my waitress assured me that they could veganize almost any of the other offerings. There was a huge juice and smoothie selection with the fresh herbs and wheat grass growing right on the counter for everyone to see. They also had quite a selection of vegan desserts.

After perusing the menu I opted for a scoop of the tofu salad over a green salad and sat back to wait.... and wait. About 30 minutes later my salad came. The salad had no cooked components, so I was little confused about what took so long. I suspect that it had been forgotten somewhere because the little cup of dressing had separated into individual layers of oil and vinegar. The restaurant wasn't terribly busy... but I wasn't in a large hurry either so who's to complain.

The green part of the salad was wonderful with a really nice selection of vegetables to complement the lettuces. The scoop of tofu "mixed with Nayonaisse and spices" really tasted like tofu with lots of Nasoya mayonnaise. I saw spices in there, but I never did taste them. I want to point out though that I tend (as you may have noticed) to eat my food much more heavily spiced than most.... The texture of the tofu was excellent though. Somehow through freezing, baking or pressing they had managed to create the meatiest texture I had ever had in a tofu based dish.

When I finished I thought I might have one of those exciting juices or desserts. I love vegan cupcakes too... Except after my plate was cleared and you guessed it... I waited and waited...

Finally I just asked for my check and left. It was a little disappointing to be honest. I really wanted to like this place, not just like, LOVE this place. However the service was weak at best and since everyone around me was getting the same service, I imagine it wasn't my server, but the general atmosphere. I might try this place again, but I would be sure to eat a small snack first and perhaps bring a book to fill my time.

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