Monday, August 17, 2009

so my husband loves me soooo much.....

that he spent four hours recreating the winning dish from Top Chef's vegan challenge with Zooey Deschanel! Admittedly he says he spent one hour searching for a cutting board (I recently re-organized) but the recipe was extremely involved to say the least. You can find it at the official Bravo TV site.

It was really excellent and he did a great job making it!! I married the best! It was super garlicky and comforting. I usually don't care for zucchini but in this, it was perfect!! Look how beautifully it came out:

Plus when he was done... the kitchen wasn't even a mess!!!

Its a shame that the winning dish had to come from the chef that complained the most about cooking for a vegan though. To balance him out check out this excellent blog entry about vegetarianism by judge Jay Oseland. I only wish Mr. Oseland had been given a chance to voice his opinions on air.

P.S. Here is the other delicious looking recipe from Chef Rick Bayless for Vegan Tamales

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  1. Wow, what a great blog. I enjoyed my introduction to it this evening. You can bet I'll be returning often. Also, I think I told you about my sister-in-law who is a vegetarian - I saw her yesterday and recommended she check out your blog, hope that's alright with you.

    Big foodie hugs from M and me :)