Monday, August 10, 2009

We're having a heat-waaaaave!

Wow is it hot in Baltimore lately! After our especially mild summer, I feel like my husband and I are even less able to handle the heat. Heat typically never bothers me but for some reason, today all I want to do is meld with my couch while my AC blasts away. Since the temperatures are pushing 100 degrees.... I guess that is acceptable. Anyway due to the heat, we have reverted to the "three R's of dinner" : Relax, Reuse and Reheat. So no new recipes today....

Instead I want to talk about my favorite breakfast (especially on hot days!!) the GREEN SMOOTHIE. I could drink a green smoothie every day. It is my favorite breakfast: fast, easy, healthy and light. It is also a way to sneak additional servings of veggies into my day. I originally read about green smoothies online when I stumbled upon the Green Smoothie Challenge. The people who run this side promote raw green smoothies all over the web. Below is a cute video from You Tube they posted about green smoothies:

This is how I make my green smoothies. First I assemble all of my ingredients. Look at all of the good things that are about to go into my blender! I have fruit, vegetable and even a little flax seed for additional fiber and omega 3's.

First I cut all of the fruit into chunks and put in the blender with some water.

After that I blend the combo until it is frothy and smooth.

Next I add the lettuce (spinach and kale are good too) and flax seeds; after it is smooth again I can throw in some ice and then I am ready for my icy green smoothie!

This is especially delicious on a hot day! Plus I know I am getting lots of good things. I usually drink a blender-full which is a few little glasses like these. If I were going to eat toast or anything I wouldn't have room for that much though. These little smoothies can fill you up!

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